Wednesday, July 28, 2010

John Deere Custom Refrigerator Tins

I had someone on etsy request two John Deere tins for Dad and Grandpa. I looked all over Longview and couldn't find John Deere paper. I was surprised that there wasn't any to be found. So, I improvised and used John Deere colors.

The buyer was very pleased and that's most important.

CTD Gift Certificates Available

I have made gift certificates for my friend, Josie's photography business, but I've never thought to make any for my business. When a friend at church said she needed to buy one, I had to rush around and make one.

My craft room is an absolute wreck right now because we're in the middle of building a craft barn in the backyard to be my craft getaway. The outside of the barn is finished, but it still needs electricity, insulation and sheetrock... not to mention flooring, wall texture, paint and trim. So, while I wait, I can't seem to find the motivation to keep the craft room/baby room clean. It's the catch-all room right now.

All that to say, I couldn't find the paper I was looking for, so I used this black and white houndstooth paper instead. I really like how it turned out.

You would think I would've made a few while I was making this one, but, alas, I did not. But, luckily, the stuff is still lying all over the floor, should I need to make more. *grin*