Thursday, April 21, 2011

Paper Bag Scrapbook Albums

I need a place to send customers from my etsy store to tell them all about Paper Bag Scrapbooks. There's so much to tell and not enough room in the listings, so I thought I'd blog about them.

I start with 3 paper bags that have been treated (to make them acid-free) and pressed (to get the wrinkles out). They have also been folded, sewn down the seam (to make them more durable) and 5 holes punched in the spine. I don't do any of that work! I buy them from a lady on eBay who I've been buying them from for almost 5 years. She's the best I've found for quality and a great price!

Then I choose a theme or whatever papers I want to use and I go for it! I'm working on a ballerina album and a princess album right now. My niece gave both a thumbs up and couldn't decide which she liked better. That's a good sign! :-)

Here is an album that I made for my family for pictures of our themed family nights.

The front cover:

All albums can be personalized like this one "Family Nights". The stickers were just some that I had that looked cool with the papers. You can find fun stickers at any craft store.

Some of the inside pages, with matted journal blocks and a matte for 4x5 pictures. The pages without mattes are perfect for a collage of pictures.

Sometimes I put a collage of pictures on the photo matte, but I don't trim them to fit exactly.

This shows how the pages pull out, as well as a different view of the inside pages.

My favorite thing about paper bag albums is that the opening from the paper bag creates a pocket that is perfect for pictures, movie tickets, ticket stubs, report cards, well baby check measurements, notes, etc. Each pocket has a blank tabbed pull-out page for journaling or for a drawing, etc.

These books are so easy to personalize with photos from a specific occasion or they can be given away for the recipient to fill. They can also be made to fit your specific ideas. Favorite animals, school colors, wedding, baby's first year, specific themes, anything! If you can dream it (and I can find the paper for it) it can be made! :-)