Wednesday, July 28, 2010

John Deere Custom Refrigerator Tins

I had someone on etsy request two John Deere tins for Dad and Grandpa. I looked all over Longview and couldn't find John Deere paper. I was surprised that there wasn't any to be found. So, I improvised and used John Deere colors.

The buyer was very pleased and that's most important.

CTD Gift Certificates Available

I have made gift certificates for my friend, Josie's photography business, but I've never thought to make any for my business. When a friend at church said she needed to buy one, I had to rush around and make one.

My craft room is an absolute wreck right now because we're in the middle of building a craft barn in the backyard to be my craft getaway. The outside of the barn is finished, but it still needs electricity, insulation and sheetrock... not to mention flooring, wall texture, paint and trim. So, while I wait, I can't seem to find the motivation to keep the craft room/baby room clean. It's the catch-all room right now.

All that to say, I couldn't find the paper I was looking for, so I used this black and white houndstooth paper instead. I really like how it turned out.

You would think I would've made a few while I was making this one, but, alas, I did not. But, luckily, the stuff is still lying all over the floor, should I need to make more. *grin*

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Money Doesn't Grow on Trees...

...But, sometimes it does grow on flowers.

My niece, Julia, turned 6 this weekend and I was so busy with VBS last week that I totally forgot about a gift for her. Bad Aunt! I didn't want to go anywhere because I was worn out, so I got the great idea to take dollar bills and make her name out of $1 bills.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find any tutorials on folding dollar bills into letters.

So, I decided to make flowers and put them in a vase. I didn't have any cute vases, so I looked around my craft room and found some Starbucks Frappuccino bottles that I had cleaned and was using to hold buttons. Perfect!

Then I used some crinkle paper (what is that stuff called anyway?) that a friend gave me because she wasn't using it and thought I might come up with something to do with it.

I followed this tutorial for the dollar bill rose and this tutorial to make the 6-petal flower. The rose was time-consuming, but I thought the tutorial was very clear. The 6-petal one was super easy. Next time, I'll make 2 or 3 of the tulips (they kinda look like tulips, right?) and it will be faster and easier.

I put the flowers in the vase first and then held them in place with alternating layers of the hot pink and neon green crinkle paper.

Then I made a card that was so, so simple, but turned out exactly how I wanted. I stamped the image on white cardstock and colored with my Copic markers. Then I stamped the same image on a piece of velum and didn't do anything else to it. I layered them and it softens the look of the ballerina dress. Simple, but perfect.

Here's the finished bouquet.

Here's the back so you can see the fun layers of crinkly paper.

And here's the sweet birthday girl!

Happy Birthday, Julia-bug!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

University of Alabama Refrigerator Scrapbook

I recently had a mom of a soon-to-be college Freshman ask me if I could make a tin for her daughter to take with her when she left for college. She wanted it to be black and white houndstooth paper with red accents. Perfect for The University of Alabama's colors. She wanted to give it to her daughter to put on her mini fridge to fill with either pictures of her new friends at college or her family and friends from back home.

I had a hard time finding the paper, but right when I was going to order some online, Hobby Lobby got in a shipment and they had exactly what I was wanting, b/w houndstooth with a small print.

Here's the tin.

I hope Madison enjoys filling it with pictures and making lots of new memories off at college.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Custom Wedding Gift Set

A friend of mine got married Saturday (which happened to be Slade's and my anniversary, too!) and this was what I gave her at her bridal shower.

It is a custom magnet set and a matching refrigerator scrapbook. Her wedding colors were black, white and purple, with some silver thrown in. So, I found some great papers and went to work.

Here are the magnets, with their monogram and names.

Then her tin, personalized on the front.

And a sweet quote that I thought they would appreciate on the inside.

The set:

She seemed to really like them and even noticed that they were in her wedding colors. I hope it is a gift she treasures for years to come.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Personalized Refrigerator Magnets

I made these fun, custom magnets for a sweet friend with two very sweet boys. Two big and 6 small magnets come in the set.

The larger glass circles get a slightly larger magnet so that the smaller magnet doesn't have to work so hard to hold up the heavier glass.

I can do different quantities. Maybe three for each kid and then when all their magnets are holding up a drawing or paper, then no more can be put up. It might cut down on some of the refrigerator clutter... *grin*

Marble magnets are super strong! Small magnets will hold 5-6 sheets of paper and large magnets hold 8-9.

Custom Marble Magnets can be personalized with names, short phrases, initials or monograms, or pretty much anything you can think of. Contact me and we can create your perfect set!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Auction Donation

My son's school had a silent auction to raise money for the school and this is what I donated.

This is the whole tin: Paper Bag Album, a Refrigerator Scrapbook and a set of Glass Gem Marble Magnets.

I added little tags with an explanation of what everything was in the tin for people not familiar with my items.

New labels for my round and rectangle tins.

Close-up of the round tins

Close up of the rectangle labels

I was a little bummed that it only sold for about half of it's retail value, but if the person that won it likes it (and actually puts pictures in the scrapbooks), then I'm happy.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Custom Order - Hot Pink and Zebra Print Magnet Set

I have a sweet friend that was re-doing her daughter's room and wanted a set of magnets to go on her magnet board. She wanted hot pink and zebra print.

I printed an "S" on the hot pink ones for the first letter of her daughter's name. I can't wait to see the room once it is re-decorated and I'm excited to be a part of the new decorations!

It. Is. Finished.

The big custom order of magnets is finished! And, if I never see another marble magnet... no, no, it wasn't that bad at all. I enjoyed making them and was very pleased with how they all turned out.

Here they are as I'm doing an assembly line to make sure I had the correct number of each design and then putting a complete set in each tin.

All 75 sets! They didn't get shipped in that box, obviously, but that was where I was storing them as I worked on them.

I heard back from the furniture company and they were very pleased. Whew! Whenever I do a custom order, there's always a part of me that worries that I might have to redo something if I didn't get it just right. So, I still feel anxious until I hear back from the customer.

So, they were pleased and will send me a picture when they put their own labels on them and get them ready to give out to customers. I can't wait to see the final product!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


I recently received a HUGE order for 75 sets of marble magnets (12 magnets in each set). I've been working and working to finish it.

Here is what a complete set will look like, except that one magnet is missing because I was having a hard time getting it to print the correct shade of black.

I have to make 900 magnets and I have finished 430 of them so far. Only 470 to go... Can my fingers make it? One finger on my left hand has gotten to where it's always just a little tingly, like it's numb. Weird. I have a callous forming on a finger on my right hand from where the scissors rub when I'm trimming. Whine, whine. *grin*

I'm actually excited to see what the entire completed set of 75 looks like. Here's the work in progress. On the left are the sets that are completely finished. Um, it's a small stack, isn't it? In the middle, they just need magnets. In the bag, they are waiting for more magnets to make complete sets.

It may not look like much, but that's a lot of magnets, folks!

Auburn University Tin and Magnets

A friend contacted me recently to ask if I could do a custom order for her. She said her grandmother was a "diehard Auburn fan". So, we worked out the details and this is what I we came up with.

A refrigerator scrapbook with a set of matching magnets.

For the tin, I used a few Auburn University images I found online, printed them, cut them out and made them into stickers. For the magnets, I printed the AU logo small enough to work with the marbles.

Go Eagles!

If you are interested in a custom order, contact me!