Sunday, January 17, 2010


I recently received a HUGE order for 75 sets of marble magnets (12 magnets in each set). I've been working and working to finish it.

Here is what a complete set will look like, except that one magnet is missing because I was having a hard time getting it to print the correct shade of black.

I have to make 900 magnets and I have finished 430 of them so far. Only 470 to go... Can my fingers make it? One finger on my left hand has gotten to where it's always just a little tingly, like it's numb. Weird. I have a callous forming on a finger on my right hand from where the scissors rub when I'm trimming. Whine, whine. *grin*

I'm actually excited to see what the entire completed set of 75 looks like. Here's the work in progress. On the left are the sets that are completely finished. Um, it's a small stack, isn't it? In the middle, they just need magnets. In the bag, they are waiting for more magnets to make complete sets.

It may not look like much, but that's a lot of magnets, folks!

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